EuroVolNet / Vester Voldgade 100, 2, DK-1552 Copenhagen, Denmark / Tel: +45 29 48 55 51 /


Project Summary

EuroVolNet is a transnational project that fosters the exchange of best practices regarding legal, organizational and funding related aspects of voluntary activity in sport. The project partners will form a network of actors involved in the management and running of sport associations.


EuroVolNet will have a lasting impact on promoting volunteerism in Europe by facilitating new initiatives and gaining commitments of partner organizations and beyond for future development and actions promoting volunteerism. EuroVolNet will provide all European sport organizations (both project partners and extended activity beneficiaries) with learning opportunities and a valuable tool: the online voluntary services tutorial. The collection and documentation of innovative volunteer engagement, management and retention examples via project activities will provide content for and form the knowledge basis of the online tutorial.